Tribute page/Resume Page

So for the tribute page project I thought I would just do my resume(no real personal info other than name) since a resume is basically a tribute page to yourself. I coded the project on my computer and then uploaded it to codepen which really messed a lot of things up. I had to make a few edits, and it still doesn’t look like how it did before codepen,

I would be interested if anyone has experience with this and could tell me where I went wrong. Also I would really appreciate any feedback on my code and how I could make it more efficient. I had a really hard time getting the unordered list to be centered properly and able to scale to different screens, which made it all the more frustrating when codepen did not display it the same way as chrome. As I said the codepen looks different than I originally had it.

I will also add the github page of the project with the original code, in case any kind soul would like to look at it and offer feedback.

Just in case anyone ever finds this post I am going to write a quick update. I think I have answered all of my own questions by looking at others code. I have now fixed the code by actually using bootstrap, before I think I was trying to use bootstrap and custom css and I was just confusing myself. It’s been a great learning experience, and I made a new codepen to save the project with what I know now, but I am keeping the first one as a testament to where I was when I started. I am really curious if anyone else had a similar experience, where they have some issues and then learn about what went wrong after they submit.

Here is the new codepen page: