Tribute Page: scientist Ahmed Zewail

this is my Tribute Page:
I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have on my Tribute page. I kept it simple, and followed the instructions to stick to Bootstrap without using CSS except for the one line of recommended CSS code. I kept it as close to the referred Tribute page without ever looking at Quincy’s code. Thank you.

Hi Abdel,
I enjoyed reading your tribute to an impressive Dr. Zewail. The picture was great and nicely credited with the source. Was he a Nobel prize winner? If so, I would definitely add that to the bio. I liked the font choice because it had a personal touch and made me feel you had written it by hand. I did feel the margins on the paragraphs could have been smaller. The text column was a little too narrow for me. I love the Einstein quote at the end. It was a nice touch. Good luck with the camp.
see you around,

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Thanks for your nice feedback Nicole i appreciate it so much, about the margins and the text columns i think that these things bootstrap configure on it’s own , you can tell me how i can custom them if you know so … Thanks in advance.