Tribute page/survey form feedback

Hi FCC Community! Please check my tribute page and survey form FCC certification projects. And thanks in advance for any feedback or suggestions what could be done better :slight_smile:

Pages look good @justynke. Some things to revisit;
tribute page

  • Run your HTML code through the W3C validator.
    • Some errors in your code you can clean up.

survey form

  • There are duplicate id's in your form. An id must be unique within the document.
    • To see the effect it has, click on the label for ‘Yes’ (not the radio button, the label) and you’ll see that Yes is selected in “Did you consider…” even though you didn’t select anything there. Same if you clicked on the label for ‘No’.
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Hi Roma,

thanks for the feedback, I’ll check it out. The funny thing is, I was really paying attention to these IDs in radio buttons, but finally didn’t get it right, so thank you one more time for pointing it out :pray: