Tribute Page to Bob Marley

Hey guys!

I just finish my Tribute Page to Bob Marley!!

I hope you enjoy it!! Feedbacks are welcome!!!

This is the link:


Very good responsiveness and I like the theme tie in!

Regarding the accessibility of the design, I might perhaps try to add a solid background that surrounds the text from the first <hr> to the second <hr> because it is a little hard to read the black as it transitions through the gradient given that the content spans many lines. Otherwise, I think the gradient is fine elsewhere and is definitely very topical to Marley, which I like. To keep with the Jamaican theme, I would perhaps make the solid background a little yellow because black will pop very well from that. Text size could also be dialed down a little bit throughout the page. The only other suggestion I have is to left align the timeline text instead of justify because when you get down to the mobile viewport, the justify leaves all sorts of weird spaces to align the right end.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. It was really helpful!

  • I didn’t pay attention to that weird spaces when I used the justify option, I changed it.
  • To solve the background color and the difficult to read the text, I tried to put a background color with a light color and low opacity. I think now it is better to read.

If you have the time, please check the changes and tell me if you agree.


The light opacity background to the text definitely helps. I didn’t think of that option, but I think it works here. I’m not sure if the light opacity background is supposed to be on the elements outside of the HRs (ie text just below second <hr> above youtube embed and text below it). Either way, I think it works! The left aligned text definitely looks a lot better!

The only thing I would change is with the light opacity, I would make the a { color: } a darker shade of gray than you currently have it, so its a little easier to see the Wikipedia link. Not a big change at all.

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Yes, I agree. Changed it!