Tribute Page Using Bootstrap 3.3.7 - FOOTER ISSUES

My name is Zac and I’m new to Web Development. I’d be very appreciative if someone helped me with my footer. I believe Bootstrap is doing something funky to my footer. It’s highlighting words that are not a link. Does anyone have a moment to look over it? I’m trying to “disable” any background CSS on my footer. Thank you!!

look at the reference and ensure that the tag is closed. example:
close the footer tag at the beginning after the class.

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Good catch, I should’ve seen that before submitting. However, even with the closed tag it’s still acting funky. Care to look again?

@zhorton check your a tag for the link to bulbapedia.

you currently have it like this:

    <h2 class="text-center">For all things Pokémon, check out <a href="" target="_blank">Bulbapedia!<a> </h2>

Notice that the ```<a>` after "Bulbapedia!" is an opening a tag not a closing a tag. thats what was messing with your footer.

- Nao
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Thank you both for your help!