Why won't this run?

Hi! You are setting the footer’s id outside its tag. Attributes go inside the element’s tag (before “>”). For example:

<a id="linkID"></a>
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<footer id="footer">Copyrighy Cat Photo App</footer>

when you ask for help please provide

  • the challenge link
  • your whole code, not a screenshot
  • a description of what’s giving you issues and what you tried so far


You did not close the tag properly

Copyright Cat Photo App

Thank you. I’m looking for the instruction to provide those, I’m sure I’m making it hard on myself but also having a hard time figuring out where stuff are.

  1. Do I prove just the url for the challenge link or is there a special button for that?

  2. Same as #1 or just screen shot the whole code but the portion that are not scrolled won’t be included.

  3. Got it. I took me way to looong than it should to spot the mistake and I end up giving up.