Tribute page working in codepen but not working in brackets

My tribute page works fine on but not working in Brackets.
What might be the problem and possible solution

Hello. This question is a little too broad but i can try to help.
Codepen has settings for CSS and JS and they are automatically connected.
When you code in you editor, you must add your stylesheet or JS through and tags and connect them with your html.
example for adding your css external file, if you store them in same folder:

  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="yourcssfilehere.css">

I hope this helps.

it didnt work
here is a link to the page on

to create the page in an html file you need the structure that codepen add in the background

also, I don’t think Brackets will give you a live preview. You need to save the html file and open it with your browser. (thanks @Roma)

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <!-- here metadatas -->
      <!-- copy here the stuff you have in codepen -->

Yeah, she was quick, as always…:slight_smile:
You cant have a page without basic html structure, codepen “hides” that so you can focus on results of your coding.
Oh, also, you have some typos, like P closing tag and some empty css selectors. When i fixed that, i can see page as it is on codepen.
This is ok, everyone was there…:slight_smile:

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Thanks, hopefully i have i started working on my survey form page.

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Yes, code on and never stop. When i was starting with codepen, i was in this problem too.
I suggest you to try coding in some code editor after you made it on codepen. This will be a huge boost to your morale. Its not much, but you achieved to make it work all on your own. No better feeling.

Brackets does have a live preview


Thanks for all your help on the tribute page.
I am working on my landing page project but i am having issues with my nav bar, the ul list items are clustered together of which i would prefer them being spaced apart.

if you want help, please, don’t post a screenshot. It is impossible to debug.

Post a link to your project.
Also, as this is a new project, it is off topic, and you should create a new thread.