Tribute project help needed

Hello everyone, I am not able to center align my image or anything even after using align-content: center . Kindly help me in finding my mistake.
Here is the link to my project

Hello and welcome to the FCC community~!

The align-conent property is available for elements which have a display value of flex or grid, I believe. I’ve linked the MDN documentation for your review. :slight_smile:

Hi @nhcarrigan, thanks for your reply.

Can you suggest me how should I go about to center align the image without using flex or grid.

Also I was looking up others’ codes for some ideas, I came upon this one where same align-content is used without using flex or grid element. Am I missing some understanding in this code? Please help.

That align-content line doesn’t seem to be doing anything to the webpage. I removed it and saw no change.

I use the text-align property when I’m centring items without flex or grid.


margin: auto; Will do the center.


margin: auto;

thank you @eduardo.latorre ! that solved the problem.

hey @nhcarrigan, using margin:auto helped.
It has been a very basic page till now. Now when the tests are cleared I will try and explore more and improve the page. Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

I am glad you were able to find a solution~! :smiley: