Trick2g's youtube & twitch site clone

I am inspired by this tutorial on youtube the other day, so I created this site:

This is my 1st javascript project.

It had gone through 3 iteration. You can see it at my site under project documentation.

  1. I just followed the tutorial I mentioned above.
  2. I re-created the whole site without jQuery when it comes to manipulating the DOM. So for the JS part I used vanilla javascript only.
  3. I re-wrote the UI without bootstrap, used CSS grid and Flexbox only.

During this process I have learned how to use fetch API to handle HTTP request, got familiar with Youtube’s API.
The hardest part of this project is how to feed in the playlist into the DOM as well as how to change the videoID of the main video.

Tell me what you think of my project, critics and suggestions are welcomed!

in the next iteration of my project I am gonna figure out a way to store the API key into backend or use the serverless service provided by netlify.

Do you guys have any suggestion when it comes to this???

Thanks in advanced.