Trouble changing (imported) font weight

Hi everyone,

I am almost sure that this problem is caused by some error I made when trying to import fonts, but I am unsure how to fix it…

I am unable to change the font-weight on .sale-price - would someone know what I’m doing wrong please?


Font-weights are not measured in pixel, just in numbers or names like bold.

I do not think you need the pixels. Font-weight values are not given units.

We crossed the finish line at the same moment :laughing:.

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Let’s call it a tied position. :sweat_smile:

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Nah, I’m sure OP prefers my reply! :wink:

(OP, please :pray:)

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thanks v much

It’s that feeing when you think you’re making progress, then realise you haven’t remembered the lesson from day 1!

And then when you later realise that a font size of 800px would probably not be very small!


You are good, programming is not easy and it has a talent to make you look stupid even years into the job.

I recently wondered why my function didn’t do anything. Well, it can’t without the prefix “document” before getElementById :metal:.

ha, it helps to know that. Thank you!