Trouble signing in on localhost:3000

Hello all! I’m trying to run a local copy of freecodecamp on my laptop and I was successfully to copy over the website on port 8000. However, whenever I try to sign in or click ‘Get Started’, it says the site cannot be reached.

I’ve tried the troubleshooting provided by the Github forum post for local copies to no avail. I’m also sure that port 3000 is currently not in use as well.

New to this whole landscape so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

Not sure what you mean by this.

Did you follow the docs?

Did you create a .env files with the values from sample.env?

The app runs on port 8000 and the API runs on port 3000

I did create the env file. I’m having trouble accessing the API.

and yes I followed the docs closely

If you have followed the docs and the troubleshooting section I can’t really give you more advice. They should cover all there is to know.

If you want to make code contributions I can suggest using Gitpod instead.

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