FreeCodeCamp local installation issue

Hello there everyone.
I have recently installed FCC onto a local computer in my office.
I am able to run FCC, open a browser, and successfully navigate to localhost:8000.
Does this mean that, should I connect this machine to a LAN, it would be reachable by a client machine connected to the same LAN?
Let’s assume both machines have IPv4 settings configured such that they are in the same subnet (ex. FCC machine is and Client machine is and the switch they are connected to have them both on the same VLAN.

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Yes, it should. You may need to configure the firewall to open that specific port (8000).

Try it out and come back if there are problems :stuck_out_tongue:.

Thank you for this.
I am hoping that I can at least get one more strong confirmation of this.

And, for the record, I have tried this and for whatever reason, the client could not reach FCC on the FCC machine. Ping worked both ways so they could see each other however.

Another question…more so I can see confirmation…
Installing FCC this way…it does contain a web server, correct?
I believe Express is the web server…just wanted to see if anyone can confirm.

I think you need port 3000 as well.

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Thank you for this.
I have allowed ports 8000 and 3000 in the firewall.
Also…for sake of information…this is being done on a Windows 10 machine.

Were you able to make it work? If not, you could temporarily disable the firewall on your machine (the host) and see if that works (though if you could ping it, then it’s not being blocked).

No. And it seems like I need a webserver or something.
But I thought this included Express…Confusing.
Unless Express needs to be installed on its own.

Yes, it’s included. You wouldn’t be able to see the project on your machine and browser if it wasn’t working.

Maybe your router has a firewall preventing other machines from accessing yours.

The following link contains the instructions I followed to install FreeCodeCamp locally.
I assumed that if I was able to reach localhost:8000 that everything was setup correctly.
But, when I go to plug this in to an offline switch to which a client is connected, they can ping each other but the client, after opening a browser and navigating to “”, it cannot be reached.


Do I need to configure FreeCodeCamp to listen on an IP Address instead of port 8000?
Of so, how would this be done?

The client can reach but needs a token.
This tells me that I am close.
When trying to reach from the client the connection times out.

Another question:
Does Express come preconfigured with Node.js in the FreeCodeCamp package?

Did you use WSL2 to run FCC or another method?

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