Trouble with this site

I cant type anything to proceed through curriculum

Are you using a phone or mobile device?

I am using a laptop.

I am following a youtube video on javascript and the guy is using this site. I can’t type anything to follow along with the video

Regardless of whether you have YouTube open in another window shouldn’t change anything. When you click in the code editor of FCC and type, the text you type doesn’t appear?

I don’t see anything on the site that says code editor

Where are you trying to type?

that’s what im saying. there is nowhere on site that will allow me to type anywhere.

its like there is something wrong with this site.

What challenge are you trying to complete?

The curriculum on is still there, the forum is the wrong place

The very first challenge. I can’t even complete it

What are you talking about? The curriculum page is not working on my end

You have not given enough information to be able to understand what is the issue

I am not seeing any problems with this challenge (or any others) which preven typing in the code editor. What browser are you using and what version is it?

@dkwill Were you able to sign up for an account? You do not need one to work through the curriculum, but it will not “save” your results.

When you click on the Curriculum link at the top of the site, does it look like below?

If so, then if you click on the link Say Hello to HTML Elements, do you see the following?

If not, try to describe what you see.

Yes, I created an account.

There is no link for me to click on though. No where to type anything either

@dkwill Once you click on the Curriculum link at the top of the site (see below), what exactly do you see next?

Can you take a screen shot and paste it into a reply showing what you see once you have clicked on the Curriculum link I show above? Also, can you please answer @ArielLeslie’s question “What browser are you using and what version is it?”

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