Tutorial for Asking for Help

I think it would be helpful for newbies to see a tutorial on using the Ask for Help button in the challenges. Most of the forum posts I see asking for help totally skip the Tell us what’s happening: portion, making it harder for people to respond.


I agree with your concern. This is what I actually experienced during the first time I hit the Ask for help
Explaining the real problem on the post should be always required. Like in GitHub, it’s called Steps to reproduce which is sometimes required to some open source projects, this will help them see and have a better understanding of the bug/query.

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also, making people explain the problem may also help them solve their own problems :smiley: :duck:

@megantaylor I think this is possible and it might be as simple as creating the new challenge and submitting it as a pull request to the learn.freecodecamp.org repo.

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Yeah, this is annoying. I agree with KBP that an explanation of what is happening should be required. The “steps to reproduce” may not be necessary in this case because these are such small apps. But at least stating what is wrong should be required. I know they don’t mean it, but making me route around and test your code to find the problem is rude. If I know what the problem is, I might be able to spot it it two seconds without having to run it myself.

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