Twitch has messed up my viewer again

player.js:14 Failed to load ‘’ as a plugin, because the frame into which the plugin is loading is sandboxed.

I found a suggestion to use debug, but it doesn’t help. My codepen is https, but that doesn’t help. My link is to but that doesn’t help.

This is the second time I’ve had issues with twitch after I’ve loaded to codepen.

It is very discouraging, and I can’t show this wonderful project in my portfolio.

I would love to help here, but I’m not actually seeing a problem. What browser are you in, what is it that you think should be happening, what is actually happening, and where are you seeing this error?

I’m using Chrome. My html links to the Twitchtv FreeCodeCamp page. I thought the user story included showing if FreeCodeCamp in online or offline and linking to the FreeCodeCamp channel.

After I fixed the glitch with the new API ID requirement, it was working. The user could link on the top of the page that says FreeCodeCamp is … and see the FCC Channel Screen.It usually says it’s offline, but shows recent streams.

Today it only showed me a black blank page. I checked my Google Console and got this message: Failed to load ‘’ as a plugin, because the frame into which the plugin is loading is sandboxed. player.js:14

I do not have a player.js file.

I think something may have changed with the twitch api or there may be an interruption to their service. My viewer is no longer working as before.

I know they were down a couple of days ago – it’s why I checked mine, after the client ID went into effect - but they supposedly came back up.

I guess I need to try to leave a message on the twitch dev page and see if they can give an answer.

Damn. I’m not sure why this is happening. For whatever reason, the Twitch player isn’t loading when it’s referred by CodePen - a part of some security policy enforced by Firefox and Chrome, but not Safari. I’m hugely interested in what Twitch has to say about fixing this problem. If you get an answer, please let us know!

It’s an old ‘bug’ with codepen/twitch:


My soul can finally rest now that I have an answer. I never would have thought to check the fCC issues board, though.

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Thank you. So there is no way to fix it?
This was one of my better projects. I learned so much from it and was so proud that it worked just the way I wanted it to. Amazingly enough, my major challenges were with the streamer api’s and the fcc link was originally an easy html link.

How does this affect our passing of the certification? Because we are missing one of the user stories.

Use github pages. You’ll have to learn Git anyway and the sooner you’ll do it the better:

This will help me bypass the Twitch issue?
Thank you, it looks like it’s time for me to be more active with git.

Here is my Twitch project on GitHub Pages:, check for yourself :wink:


This looks great! I’ll move mine over there, along with the rest of my portfolio.
Thank you!

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I think I’m missing something. The link above talks about saving locally.

Saving what locally?

All my projects so far have been saved on codepen.


I don’t see what you mean by ‘saving locally’.
You will want to create a github page to hold your twitch project and then it will work when you send your visitors to github instead of codepen.
I’m also understanding that eventually all of our projects should be moved to github, I think it is part of the curriculum.

Your project.

Instead of writing in Codepen you write in code editor on your computer (Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Vim :scream: etc).
You use Git to track the changes and GitHub to host your project. When your project is on GitHub you can set it to be live on GitHub Pages.

Sounds complicated, but in reality it’s pretty simple after you have done it a couple of times.

1 Like is another commonly used site by FCC campers. Some like it a lot better than GitHub Pages, but I cannot testify as I have never used it.

I’ve managed to transfer the entire portfolio and projects to github. Boy was that fun. And, my twitch works again! Check it out at


Thank goodness for the forums! I’m having the same issue, so it looks like I’ll need to get comfortable with git and github!

I’m taking the fcc git course now.

It’s still painful, but it is helping a little. Just need to get my branch/push thing working.

Anyway, this challenge may help you with git and then you can come back to twitch.