Twitch TV - Help Very Much Needed! [solved]

After successfully completing the previous challenges, I feel lost while dealing with the Twitch app. I’m trying to figure out a basic structure for this project but after spending several days working and reworking the same code, I wonder what I am missing.

Here’s what I could figure out up to now: Project

Any hint will be appreciated.

Even I’m with you on this one. I’m lost too.
But one thing you need to do is - You should change your base url from to
Read point number 10 on the Challenge page :

I actually requested the API key, so I should be set for that matter. I am sure my issue is somewhere else.

I think your URL is missing a component; after the base URL you need to add /channels/.

So the whole URL would be:
url: “"+channel+"?client_id=YOURCLIENTID

SInce you have the client ID you probably don’t have to use the alternative Base URL, but if you are going to use it you don’t need the client ID :wink:

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Try these videos I made for my students

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Thank you so much! Understood the structure and how to use the API thanks to your video. Now off to customization! Cheers!

Thank you. It was very helpful