Twitch API FCC workaround not working

I am having trouble getting started with this one. It seems the access to the old version of the twitch api is deprecated and docs for the new twitch api don’t even show any endpoints for constructing a url. Has anyone recently looked into this and could help me get started? Or is this challenge even worth doing?

I am working on it now but it is working
you URL has to something like that
"" the link is without the "
First, you have to use the ""
then add your channel name or id. in our case we will put the name then follow it by the ?callback=?
this is working with me

What is the ESL_SC2? Where are you getting this from?

OK I realized my mistake thank you. Are you using the names for the channels given or are you getting more channels from twitch?

Testing with the given names then i will include others

Try using The instructions were made when was still or something, and the instructions haven’t been updated since.