Twitchtv JSON API is down

Im now moved to the Twitchtv JSON APi and is says use the new API url for the data since the twitch API uses a key now but when i was trying to click the link under the update item they added on the course it wouldn’t loa. So i cant go in and do anything without knowing if its pulling the right data etc plus i dont know how the API is structured if its down. Can someone help me figure out if its just me and something going wrong on my end or if its truly an issue on their end?

Please check forum thread if you have not done before ( The Twitch API has been changed so there is hard code json to use in top the post.

Yes item #11 in the list of things to do for that challenge says UPDATE: etc etc and it says to use the following link ( ) since the twitch api needs a API key now. But that new link they gave on item #11 does not work right now. I’ve tried it on multiple computers and trying to go to that link in any browser doesnt do anything. It times out after a while.

Guess ill just have to create an account on twitch anyway to get an api key to use anyway since the newest option on #11 dont work right now. unless theres another option.

Sure you can create and get a client ID -what updated #11 is referring to is an old update (May 5th in twitch post)-. I am following what is suggested ( in top of the forum and using hard coded json and build it locally.

Update September 29, 2016: Twitch has changed their API and now requires an API key in order to run queries. If you are using CodePen or GitHub pages to build these, we do not recommend adding an API key to your project for security reasons.
Instead of using Twitch’s API, we recommend hard-coding this JSON into your app as a variable. It is a series of responses for different accounts from Twitch.

oh ok so i jsut need to take maybe 3 of the user accounts they list in item #10 and get the full json data for each and copy each one to a variable like u mentioned and let it be dummy data. It wont be dynamic or change unless code is changed to say that account is online or anything but it gives the just of the info. Is that correct?

Wow that will be an extremely long javascript file since the JSON data for each account is huge.

But are they gonna change this challenge? I know #11 is what replaced the twitch api since they went to using an API key but since the #11 link dont even work now the only way is to hard code everything thing, which in turn like i said wont change the status if the twitch channel goes online, offline or dont exist.

I am not sure if you need list of those channels any more as the json has 5 channels in it already.
You need those channel’s name if you get the client ID and test against all channels for live API. For online or offline, you can check each stream within the object to test online/offline.

As for change this challenge, it seems will be removed -source: the forum link -.

Ill probably come back to this one at a later date and see if anything has changed or if its been removed etc. Ill just go to the next section for now. That would probably be the easiest to do for now till they figure out what they are gonna do with it.