Two .js files in same pen?

I’m trying to make some times tables quizzes ( if you’re curious)… so I want one file with all the possible math facts in it rather than copying and pasting the ones I’m using in the script file with the specifics for that quiz.
(I expect to have a ton of questions about organizing files once I’ve learned enough to have files to organize.)

Is it possible to have a second .js file in the codepen view?

If not I’ll just make one huge one and break them up when I put them online.

The three windows you get in codepen are all you get; it can’t be changed. I recommend switching to instead.

You could create a separate pen and just populate the JS section with any code you want to have access to and then in main pen’s JS external scripts section, you could add it like:

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Thanks ! will try that in a bit.
It worked – BUT sometimes I hvae had to refresh the HTML page or it just doesn’t reflect my pages. Other d’oh lesson: while I’m learning, I forked the .js – which of course means it’s got a different file name, so I need to update the settings in the HTML.