Udacity trainng for Front-End Web Developer

I looked at Udacity Nanodegree training and I was very disapointed by the content proposed for example they didn’t have Javascript framework and i was expected it?

I was looking a formation with a structure, and I really didn’t find?
Someone did this training or another, can you give me a advice?
I’m doing Freecodecamp but i need more help to improve my skill.
Thank you

Thank you for the very nice answer :slight_smile:


I did Udacity’s front end nanodegree and they do cover two javascript frameworks - knockout and backbone. Backbone project is optional though. Both frameworks are covered in Project 5.

hope this helps


the senior Nanodegree ?

No, not the senior nanodegree, I did the Front End Web Developer nanodegree.

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I haven’t done the full nanodegree, but I did go through the Intro to AJAX course over the weekend. It was actually pretty great, and it helped me a ton for the Wikipedia Viewer project on FCC. I really like Udacity’s course setup so I might check out the rest of the degree, too.

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I also completed the Front End nanodegree about a year ago. One assignment required knockout.js to make a google map application. I am just on the 2nd project (portfolio) here on FCC. To me, FCC seems much more structured as do step 1,2,3,4,5, etc. That is actually what I prefer. Udacity courses were great, but sometimes they were far less structured and occasionally confusing at the onset.

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Same for me, I’m on the 2nd project to here, and I looking for a strong structure.
@DWAbrego, did you find a job?

I am already a maintenance programmer working on legacy code so I didn’t immediately search for a job after Udacity. I did that and now FCC with hopes I update my skillset to what is actually marketable vs my old outdated skills.

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