Udemy Change Event Live Server Issues

I’m having issues viewing my personally named code in the console. I know I’m matching my name change from the standard app.js etc but it still isn’t working for me from what the instructor from the Udemy course gave me.

Here is the link to my GIt w/ the files:

Please take a look and let me know if anyone else is having the same issues. Thanks!

Seems to work just fine, how are you serving the page?

BTW this <link rel="stylesheet" href="change.js" /> isn’t correct.

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So it works fine for you but not me lol. Interesting. And is the BTW why it isn’t working? Or is that extra?

No, it should still work, but that isn’t how you link to a CSS file or a JS file. But as long as you have the script linked to at the bottom as you do it should work.

What exactly isn’t working for you?

Well now I’m confused lol. First, the way I imported it to the forum isn’t working. And now you’re saying (or you’re not saying this lol) that the way that it was sent should work. But that isn’t how I should be typing it?

Edit: What isn’t working for me is the actual updates lol. The browser console says its missing the app.css.

Edit 2: I get nothing on my main page now. I get a black screen and don’t even get the basics of what was previously typed and given to me in the project files lol. This is silly. I’ve never had this issue in the last two years working w/ VSC or this Udemy course.

Also, there is an issue that was called MIME type whatever that means.

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