Link app and css live server issue

Hello. I unpacked and used the exact same files given to me by the instructor for a Udemy JS course, and even if I don’t rename it, its giving me this error.

The issue is that it loads the basics (I can see and type etc in the input box) but nothing is being updated functionally in the console.

Good suggestion, I did and here is what the console told me…

So I’m still stuck.

Sure I can do that. All I’m doing is grabbing the resource files given by the instructor that he prepped for that section lol. I sometimes rename them but always match the name in the JS body link.

Just for preference, I don’t care how stubborn this sounds, I abhor using Github lol.

Here is the uploaded files for the project. Thanks again for the help. I really do appreciate.

I don’t see an app.css only index.html and app.js, hence your browser reports there is an error when it tries to load /app.css.

Git can be very confusing since its very expansive, and how it manages changes is inherently complex as its designed to be used “offline”. Github itself works off git and thus can make things even more confusing due to being the “online” part of git.

There are alternatives to Github, like Gitlab or Bitbucket, but Github is the main option for most organizations and open-source.

Git on the other hand is basically the only option. Other version controls aren’t used anymore outside of very legacy codebases, or in-house version controls used at big tech.

As an alternative for getting help with folder-structure, you can always pass in a screenshot of what VSCode shows in its file menu (top button in the left bar). It would help in this situation as the folder structure is still small enough to get the full picture.

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