Git hub problem with link

What do you do when this happens?

Try to submit a valid url, one you can use to navigate to a webpage

where do I find that?

i got that from github Idk where to get another one

Tried this too.
and got this…

You need to submit a link to a live version of your project, not to the github repo.

ok, How do I do that? :sweat_smile: Make it live that is.

I don’t have a web page if that is what you meet.

So I added it to code pen and now will not pass the test.
Bar Chart
missing number 13. Can you help me as to why it passes on VsCode and not in code pen?

Got it to work in jsfiddle. Then this happened .

It is frozen!!! :sob:
not my day

I think I just missed up cause it got a cert and I only do one project how do I fix that. I think accidentally submit my bar chart for all of them thinking it was frozen. who do I get to fix that?

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