Udemy SPA with jQuery Review

This is my review of how to Build a Single Page Application with jQuery & AJAX by Ian Schoonover. I bought this course about a month ago, and decided to give it a try today.

This was a quick 1.5 hour tutorial. I really liked how short it was given the fact that I got it for $15 so It’s worth every penny.


Ian made this a quick course which I liked. I was able to really listen to what he was saying and follow along in my editor, and browser. There was one time where I had a typo which I had to see what he was doing.

As a bonus he’s showed us how to use babel which is really nice touch.


As I said before, I was able to follow along without really watching him type about 90% of the time. To me this says that this is a well structured course where I was introduced to some new concepts I never had experience with before. I did buy this course because I wanted to support Ian as he’s a TA from The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele which is an amazing course which you can find my review here. That’s maybe why I was able to follow along so easily.

I hope Ian makes some more courses. If you’re interested in learning about Single Page Apps, and have some experience with Node/Express I would suggest to pick this up if you can.