Jab Jab Javascript - review needed!

Has anyone heard of Jab Jab JavaScript before?


I’ve watched a few of his youtube courses and liked what I see but the course is just under $500 which is very expensive.

If you have a review I would be grateful!


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I know this man (TENZIN) this video are so awesome and he makes you understanding any thing i like the way he explain…

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Yeah for real right?! That is why I am considering his course

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Yeah man he has master in this field .

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I have taken the course, and it is phenomenal. Tenzin is especially good with teaching the revealing module pattern and object-oriented JS. But it is really expensive, especially compared to Udemy courses. I would say if you have a lot of extra cash then go for it. But if not, then go with Jonas Schmedtmann’s or Traversy’s JS courses on Udemy, for only $10. I’ve taken all three courses and each one is great. I really like Tenzin’s teaching style, which is why I went with the course, but it is not necessary, given the price. Most of what you learn in his course you could also learn from Traversy or Schmedtmann on Udemy.


If you are still considering it, you should add your name to the waitlist. When I did the course he offered a $100 early-bird discount for those on the waitlist.

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Thanks for that!! I will do. How much did you pay in the end if you do not mind me asking? Thanks!

Thanks again for this post. I have a few udemy courses but tenzins seems to blow the rest out of the water! Thank you for reply :slight_smile:

I paid $397 after the discount.

A few things I should add:
He opens and closes the course every several months. I took it back in August, but I believe he has made updates to the course since then, so it is likely even better now.

I would honestly say that JabJabJavascript has taught me better than any other course. I took lots of notes in markdown files that I still refer back to regularly. He’s just a great teacher. I actually went through the entire course twice, which I recommend doing if you have the time.

So if you have the means, I recommend that you do it. If I had to go back, I would certainly take it again. But again, if you don’t have the means, Udemy is still a great resource.

One thing you should note is that, at least when I took the course, he released sections each week. There were about 16 modules, so the course took 16 weeks. You can’t jump ahead to future sections until they are released. It is possible he changed this structure for future courses. Keep your eyes open for an email because he may do a live-stream Q/A a week before the next release.


Thanks again for your help on this one. I will need to wait for a discount as it is $$ but I would say really worth it. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi @rrichetto
what do you mean by “He opens and closes the course every several months, I took it back in August”?
Do we have lifetime access to the course or not?

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Yes, you get lifetime access to the course. I meant that he opens and closes registration every several months. This is likely because he wants to be able to devote enough time to his students’ questions, so he has to limit the number of students.

But go to his actual website for up to date information on his course. Because I took it a year ago.

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Thanks @rrichetto for the clarification.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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Hi I started the program last year and ended up asking for a refund, as did a couple of other people I chatted with in the course. For context I was a beginner with very little understanding of programming. I personally found his teaching style all over the place and it seemed as if he was coming up with the content on the fly. As for the course he would teach some concepts then have us do exercises which were way too complex and that you needed to know way more things than what he has already taught us. Which doesn’t make sense to me. Exercises should be there to reinforce what is taught. How can I do an exercise with info that i don’t even know that I don’t know. I found myself lost half the time. Speaking to people in the course, the ones who loved it were those who had a lot of previous experience and said they found his explanations to be better than they had learned previously. Those who hated the course said they felt lost and overwhelmed by doing exercises lacking a lot of crucial information.


Thanks for the honest review!

maybe you’re completely new to js but its meant to be hard, u gotta spent time researching urself and go through it step by step. i’ve finished the course and i have a strong fundamentals in js

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Wow another bad review, I am glad I didn’t get suckered into buying this to be honest. Sounds bad…

I bought the course back in October. It is pretty good. I do agree that it helps if you know some JS going in. The exercises do require some thought but he has taught you what you need to know to complete them in previous lessons. He does give you a solution, but he really wants YOU to try to solve the exercise. This is what you must do in the real world, so he’s trying to get you started thinking like in the beginning.

Things were going along pretty well, but currently the site is down but the author is fixing it. When you buy it, you have lifetime access. I hope it gets fixed today…

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Did it get fixed? I feel like he is a bit scammy…