Want to actually learn javascipt?

Hey guys,

I am a fellow FCC student and if any of you are like me after you finished the js curriculum and jump into the algorithms it feels like you hit a brick wall. I wanted to share a resource that has become damn near invaluable for me. Gordon Zhu is the teacher and former Google employee who breaks down javascript better than any other resource I have found.

The big take aways for why I think his resource is worth while is because he doesn’t just throw you to the wolves. He breaks down why the code is doing what it is doing along with showing you how to read code, debug and really teach yourself (which will help you through the rest of the FCC stuff).

practicaljavascript.net is the beginning content and then you can decide how far you want to go with him (I personally am a premium member and get no kick backs sending people there) i’m just a passionate programmer that wants to share an amazing resource if you are serious about programming.


I agree that his course is pretty good. It’s nice to see him getting some exposure.

Thanks for the link … just completed his free course and found it really really good. And even though i knew 95% of what was covered it was worth doing plus i picked up some new stuff . But the the way it was taught was really good and was a really nice way to learn stuff.

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Thanks for posting OP. It’s always exciting to hear about a good new resource; I’ll definitely give it a shot.

Hey - can you elaborate on Practical Javascript? I checked out the website, it looks like a series of videos. Is it more than just copying what he writes on the screen into your text editer? Do you use github throughout the course?

Yes it is more than just copy and pasting the code he does. He actually teaches you what is going on and breaks down each method. Check out the reviews. http://watchandcode.com/p/practical-javascript-reviews

@boomer1204 - I am done with Gordon’s free content. I also saw the list of content that he has posted under the premium course. Could you double tap on the content in there? You are a member yourself so it’d be nice if you can explain on why is it worth the money.


Here is probably the best thing to answer your question https://watchandcode.com/p/premium-membership-reviews. Honestly if you don’t see the value after going through his free course it may not be the best course for you.

He actually teaches you to be a developer with the “boring things” but they are what actually make you a good developer and get you ready for an actual job not just copying the code from another course/tutorial/stackoverflow posts.

It’s not for everyone but if you truly want to be a developer you will be hard pressed to find a course that actually teaches you these things, along with the office hours every Monday and the private slack group for the premium members it’s just high quality content with high quality people taking it (which makes it different than the “gitters” for the $10 Udemy courses everyone is on that don’t give a crap about it)


wow thank you for this. the algorithm challenges nearly made me give up on wanting to pursue web development!

Thanks @boomer1204! :slight_smile:

I did enroll in the free course and am loving it so far. However, if I have the time to put in 6 hours a day learning, how long does it take to go through the premium course? I don’t have money but I do have time.

His course is really amazing. I actually feel like I know what I’m doing now. I started here at freecodecamp as well, and I too hit a brick wall once I got to the JS portion. I’m about halfway through the premium course now and it is definitely worth the money. So many free or even more expensive sites just have you copy paste information. He doesn’t hold your hand the whole time either, you slowly are forced to become more and more independent in your coding. The premium content includes access to office hours, daily accountability meetings where you can in person ask a question or work through something you’re struggling with. The people in the community are really nice too. I HIGHLY recommend giving it a shot. the Practical Javascript introduction is free too. So if you like the teaching style, stick with it and go to Premium.