Free 30 day vanilla JS Course by Wes Bos

Hey Everyone,

Wes Bos just released a free 30 day course to learn vanilla JS. I cannot recommend this enough…


@robertguss Thanks for sharing this! :+1:

Any idea how long this lasts? I am interested, but I do not have time to do this in the next 30 days…

The course takes 30 days (or 30 videos), but I believe it is free forever.

Wes does a thing where he invites you to commit “publicly” to doing the course and invite others… that way it’s harder to quit. So who would be lovely enough to go have a look and give us feedback, uh? I’ve been on a “register” loop ever since I started FCC and have now more accounts and logins than neurons. Not sure it would be wise to start yet another thing…

come on little ones, who wants to have a go :slight_smile: ?

[EDIT] it means I have LOTS of accounts, not few neurons. Just FYI.

I was just about to create a post for this as well!

I’m going to do this course, but not until I finish all the algorithms for the Front End. However it’s so tempting to jump in right now! :blush:

But…if you can do all the algorithms in Front-End you’ll probably want more than that course?

I’m more like “what can I do before I tackle the next algorithms” than “what to do after” !

I’ve converted this post to a “review”. As you all get a chance to finish this course, please feel free to leave a 1 - 5 star rating, and a short review :slight_smile:


I want to do the course after the algorithms, but before starting the Advanced Front End projects. However, you might be right, it might be a good idea to do the course earlier (just after I finish Intermediate Algorithms) because I struggle with some of them a great deal.

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Oh I wasn’t giving advice at all - not there yet :slight_smile: I was just surprised / impressed.

Besides “whatever works for you !”.

I am also going to take this course :slight_smile: I’ll be back with a review! Thank you for sharing!

EDIT: So far so good. I’ve gone through 3/30 videos and I like it.
Teaches well, right to the subject and also explains in deep details some new concepts! A+ from me so far!

EDIT 2: I’ve got to 13/30, learned a lot of tricks! Recommended!

An excellent resource. I’ve already learned a lot from this.

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This is a phenomenal course thanks @robertguss for posting…

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Bummer, I have no idea why. Connecting from home on my private network. Time Warner won’t provide anything relevant.

Edit: Looks like my blacklist was lifted.

Maybe try contacting Cloudflare, and Create a Ticket

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I’m halfway through this course and it’s excellent. Probably one of the best medium level Javascript courses out there.

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This course is really cool. Have now done the intro, now fully going to dive in

I am only in day 14 but this course is good. 5 stars for well thought out concepts and materials, and also for practical examples.

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this is not for beginners?