UK - I got a junior developer job

I’ve just handed in my notice and accepted a job for a junior developer position.

It only took less than 3 months of learning. I bought Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp on November 29th 2017. I havent even completed it yet.

Biggest help and inspiration for getting the role is the following article

This gave me the idea and motivation to add a more personalised cover letter to applications including adding lower salary than advertised.

And the basic algorithms section including people who helped me.

I graduate with a third class degree in maths but still managed to get the job.

Being enthusiastic at the interview, especially when the coding questions are given, really helps.

More details to follow


Congratulations! I hope you’ll stay an active part of our community and share your perspective with us.

Does that mean you’re working for free or minimum wage at this job?

This was the article.

Its £23-£25k per annum

Congratulations!! Is the job in London?

@rna7 Congrats on the job ! What was your study plan within the 3 months , was it primarily comprised of FCC paired with colt steele’s web dev course ?

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I did the web dev boot camp up to but not including javascript. At about the same time started doing freecodecamp.
Got up to basic algorithm section.

Really wanted to get a new job so applied to a few junior developer jobs.

Used sites including: indeed, reed, totaljobs, cwjobs, cvlibrary, jobsite.

Got a call back for the one job where I including cover letter/few paragraphs about how much I love learning and programming, am keen to learn and start a career in development, know html,css,js,bootstrap, git basics etc. Included how i would work for less money just to have the opportunity.(got as advertised salary).

Got lucky.

Had a phone call from recruiter/HR person at the company. Not an external agency. Sounded enthusiastic over phone but was ill.
Invited for interview.

Interview was a brief chat and introduction about the company itself.
Then had technical questions/test consisting of two code writing questions and two code reading questions. My face lit up when I was given the questions.
Genuine enthusiasm genuinely helped.

Spent the next 1 and a half hours talking about the company.

Now just have to wait for my notice period to finish.

No its in Cambridge. Luckily also 10 minutes from where i live

I still have a lot to learn.

Congrats! All the best in your new job!

Hey congrats, hows the job going? Do you remember what the coding reading and writing challenges were like?