Unable to claim Responsive Certification

I did some more looking into how to claim the cert. it sounds like there’s supposed to be a certificate settings under settings. This doesn’t show up on my profile at all for whatever reason.

There is a bug being worked right now that is causing a small subset of users not to see the certification sections on their settings page. Thank you for your patience.

The certification settings is visible. I edited my older projects too, still I cannot claim.

Also I can not test my portfolio as the JS is blacklisted for some reason, so no burger menu shows up.


Both opened as issues @ github!

Cool thanks :slight_smile:

Still unable to claim my cert. The tests are back on but despite my tries I can not claim it.

I call @QuincyLarson & freeCodeCamp team to the rescue

Like I said`here andhere : same problem here. :kissing:

It’s being worked on. There is no reason to keep posting that it isn’t fixed yet.

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Thanks. Have a nice day.

Congrats on building these so quickly! We’re working as fast as we can to fix the certification claiming part of the settings.


Congrats to you and all the team involved behind fcc! The claiming issue of mine has been resolved successfully! :grinning:

Mine is fixed too, thank you!

I’ve been having the same issue as everyone above. I have checked following:

  • Agreed to the academic honesty policy.

  • Checked that all exercises have been completed.

  • Double checked that all projects passed the necessary tests.

I have been unable to claim the certificate. Looks like the bug has been resolved for some people, but appears that I’m still having an issue with this.


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I do have the same issue as campers above me. I have triple-checked everything so I’m quite sure I should be able to claim my certification, but I can’t. It seems that the bug is still there. Any suggestions what else should I try?

Many thanks!

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I facing the same issue, after completing all projects as well challenges in responsive web design section, still not able to claim the certifacte. Help me to get this @QuincyLarson.

This bug has been fixed now. We just need to wait for it being deployed: https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/curriculum/pull/43#issuecomment-399766832
If anyone is able to claim it in the near future, let us know!

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Yes I got my certificate. Thanks FCC!

I’m still not able to claim it… This is frustrating… Please help

did you go to the settings and agreed to academy honesty pledge and used the claim button on the certificate? once you claim it it changes to “show”

Hi every one,

I have the exact same issue as I followed the latest instructions:

  • Update projects requirements
  • Redo the test, fix the issue
  • Resubmit the project

I cannot even see the Claim Certification link/button. Where is it suppose to be located? :smiley:

Much appreciated,

It worked!

After 20 minutes or so the system took notice and made the Certification valid and available.
Please, follow up on my steps and surely you will get it.

I’m also a happy donor for FreeCodeCamp! Thank you so much. \m/