Unable to console.log in Atom

Hi there. I’m having difficulty with the console.log feature in atom. It isn’t logging properly. I have downloaded the scripts package which allows one to console.log their javascript code. However whenever I try console.logging “Hello World”, I get the message “Unable to run.” There is nothing on the internet about this for mac users. If you can help me with this, would it be too much to ask to videoskype to troubleshoot this. Thanks in advance.


Can you show us the actual file you are using? And how are you trying to run it? In the editor terminal? At the command prompt? In a browser?

Here’s a screenshot of what my page looks like and the error that I’m getting.

I’m trying to run it using the script package in the editor. I’m not sure if it’s the terminal.

I figured it out. I had to download node.js onto my mac and in Atom install the atom-runner package.

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