Unable to Log In

I haven’t logged into FreeCodeCamp in a while. However, I attempted to log in today with my Github, Email, and Google usernames. Using all of those paths, I was sent an email pin that I was asked to input. Once I entered that pin, I was taken back to the home page and a read error message was displayed at the top of the page saying “Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later.” I even tried creating a new user and the same thing happened. I also tried all of this in an incognito browser window to ensure this was not due to caching or cookies.

Can you help?

I think that there was a hiccup in the servers today. Has this problem resolved itself?

I’ve been trying to sign up for the last week and have been running into the same error message

Are you running through a proxy or VPN? If not, can you please create a GitHub issue with detailed information, including your location? We have sometimes had problems with certain countries not being able to access our site.

I checked this morning and I’m still not able to log in. I am in the United States. I am not running through a proxy or VPN

I’m not able to reproduce your issue and I haven’t heard recently of problems logging in. If you’re on a controlled network, such as at work or in a library then it could be preventing you from logging in. It could also be a problem with your ISP, but since you are in the US and a large number of our forum members are too I think it would have been an issue for more people. It’s also possible that you have a browser extension or privacy setting that is preventing the login process from working correctly.

I just tried logging in on my Safari browser, which doesn’t contain any browser extensions and I’m still unable to log in. I am trying all the logins right now and they are fall failing. I am trying to log in from my home network which is secured and private.

As a heads-up, you’re going to want to use Firefox or Chrome when you’re woking on FCC challenges. That shouldn’t impact your ability to log in though.

What privacy setting or security setting would be preventing me from logging in? I haven’t had issues logging into any other website. Just this one.

I don’t know. I just know that the servers themselves are not actually down, so something in between you and FCC is preventing communication.

This is a screenshot of my browser console which I click the “Sign In” button in the upper right of the screen. It looks like a script from FCC is failing to load. Does this provide any insight?

That is useful information to include in your bug report.