Unable to Login


I have been trying for over a month now to login to my freecodecamp account so I can continue going through the lessons and complete the certifications. However, every time I input my login credentials I am taken back to the home screen where at the top I see a message that says that something went wrong, and to try again later (screen shot attached). I’ve tried this with all of the login options on multiple browsers and computers with the same result.

The Only login option that does anything is when I try logging in with Facebook. When I do this it shows that I have an account where none of the challenges have been completed. Does this mean my account has been erased or something? This is a huge concern because I have finished pretty much all of the challenges and only need to complete the projects in order to receive certifications in all of the modules. IT would be a shame to have to start over after literally years of trying to finish the entire curriculum.

If Anyone could please help me figure this out I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

see this post:

Thank you! I have sent an email to support.

Did you ever get this resolved? I am experiencing the same trouble but can’t even get support@freecodecamp.org to respond to an email.

I did!

I sent an email to support and they fixed the problem. Apparently there was an issue where some users have duplicate accounts caused by an old bug that is still affecting some users. You will need to have them merge your accounts to get it working again.