Unable to sign in

hello guys. Sorry to bother you, I cannot log into the coding account as of today’s saturday night, I’ve tried several times but something seems off. Perhaps you are under manteinance.

Thank you

I just logged in. It is working perfectly for me.

Try clearing your cookies and cache and then closing the browser.

not working. I’ve tried with 2 different browsers and I’m not receiving the code on the email’s inbox. This has been for some hours already

Have you checked your spam/junk folder?

yes. Nothing. I still cannot sign in

Can you try making a new account and seeing if it allows you to sign in?

are you a mod? you think I might be banned?

No, I’m not a mod. Did you try making a new account?

I’m pretty sure that’s gonna work. I just don’t know what’s happening to the account. I can’t sign at all but this page does not even have a support link and no one has answered this thread but you. No one has told me yet that I’m banned or something but I’m afraid that’s what’s happening. Still, no one has reached out to me saying anything nor the reason

you can try contacting support@freecodecamp.org via email.

Is it possible you didn’t actually make an account? Can you access your profile via url?

I had one. I had it for years, I had the progress and everything marked inside the profile. If I make another one it will take me months to get ahold of what I had through so far that’s why I don’t want a new account

all right. Thanks! :+1:

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