Unable to style survey form

I’ve recently started coding. I’ve made my survey form today and passed all the tests. However, when it came to using CSS, I have been unable to change anything. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong as I did it in the previous project.
There’s a link to my code:

Thank you for any help! I’m sure I’ve probably made a silly mistake somewhere along the line.

On your first style tag you put .body{ } this is trying to style something with the class of body, to style the body just put body{ } /* No dot in front */

Also code pen has the CSS section and you can write your styles in there so you don’t have to put them in-line in the HTML.

Thank you.

body {
  color: #fcba03

I put this into the CSS section just to see if it will work, but still nothing is changing.

If you are putting it in the CSS section you don’t need the two style tags. Just get rid of them and it should work, also at the end of the color attribute you need a semicolon in CSS. So it should look like this:

body {
  color: #fcba03; /* <== Don't forget the semicolon */

Actually, you have quite a few errors in your HTML code. Everything you type in the HTML section on CodePen is automatically considered to be inside the <body> element, meaning you don’t have to declare doctype or use <html>, <body> or <head> tags (<div> and <h1> can’t be inside the <head> tag anyway). I’ve also noticed a couple more things - you have a total of three open div elements, but only one closing </div> tag. And the attribute required is a boolean attribute, so it doesn’t have an explicit value but you just put it inside a tag if you want its value to be ‘true’ (like so: <input type="email" name="email" placeholder="Whatever" required>).

As for CSS, as @austinmoore1492 said, get rid of the style tags (and delete the extra # in color value that you currently have) and everything should work fine :wink:

I hope this helped, good luck with coding and feel free to ask if there’s anything you don’t understand :slight_smile:

That’s great, thank you! I’m always forgetting the semicolons :roll_eyes:

And thank you for everything you just told me! I was actually a bit confused and now you’ve helped me make sense of the body tags etc. I’ll edit everything you’ve mentioned. Thanks again for your help, hopefully I can sort everything out now. :blush: