Unclear Instructions

Does anyone else feel like the instructions given for JS Challenges are often unclear?

At least when it comes to the “level-boss types” such as Blackjack, Golf, and Record Collection, anyway.

I’m also taking JS courses – note the plural – on Udemy and I’ve never been unsure of what exactly is asked of me (how to accomplish it is another story, however!).

On Free Code Camp, at least in this Basic JavaScript section anyway, it often feels like I’m reading a non-native English speaker’s request or even auto-generated instructions…or are these Challenges written by committee in semi-Wiki style and thus reflecting all the eloquence of a ransom note???

Just curious if it’s just me.

the challenges are often submitted by other users, who are in different phases of their journey in devolpment, and with different backgrounds - if you need a different explanation for the challenge instructions you can create a post here explaining what you do not understand, and once you understand it you can even propose a different challenge description, maybe as your first collabartion to an open source project! (here Free Code Camp repository on github)

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Oh! Thanks for that…was thinking maybe something’s cognitively wrong with me – well, that may still be the case but at least it ain’t an explanation here!

No wonder it sometimes reads like a ransom note: different folks are submitting stuff Wiki style! I thought it was just the hints that were crowd-sourced, not the very curriculum itself; sure maybe people have been building extensively on Quincy’s original lesson plans but I didn’t think they were such a factor, such that there’s an uneven “tone of voice”…

Thanks again for the confirmation!