Under what licence are my posts here subjected to?

In other forums, a free licence such as the Creative-Commons Share-Alike 4.0 licence is used. Is that the case here? I would certainly hope that people are able to take my contributions and use them to benefit themselves and others; yet I can’t find a footer in which this information is specified.

Does anyone know if posts are licensed under something by default?

i think everything here is open source but I’m not sure what license is used specifically

The forum software itself is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.0. The contents of the forum are public, indexed pages. You are not agreeing to a particular license when you post to the forum (to my knowledge).

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Ah, so I suppose every post I make is fully mine unless I state otherwise :frowning_face: . Thank you!

Not necessarily, I think you can specify certain things about it. See original discussion for background:

I think you are implicitly agreeing to a licence by using the software @ArielLeslie, but I’m not sure where to check (and whether it’s something that’s stayed defaulted to Discourse default or whether FCC have modified anything)

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I’d say that if you want to share something here that is licensed a particular way (like a project) then just include that license on the project/article/etc itself.

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I just want everyone’s content here to be free (i.e. libre) by default, so people can learn and share. Thanks anyway!

I’m not really sure what type of content you’re concerned about. Stuff like helping each other solve the challenges isn’t going to qualify as intellectual property. I’ve had one website approach me about putting the content of my long job hunting post (which would qualify as something I have the rights to unless explicitly released) on their website. I told them that I didn’t mind them using it for commercial purposes as long as they didn’t modify it and as long as they included a link to FCC. I was glad to have the option to make those stipulations.

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