Unordered list bullets won't go away

Hello All,

I’m trying to make a list with checkboxes while getting rid of the bullets, but I’m having a bit of trouble. What am I missing? Below is the section of code in question:


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Looking for a typo, don’t see one. That should be working. Would be better to see all of your code.
Couple of things I did notice;

  • your question should be in <p> tags or something (or the legend in a fieldset)
  • your question lends itself to radio buttons, not checkboxes
  • bigger question, why use a list?

the CSS style property is list-style-type, not list-style. Otherwise, things look pretty okay.

To see what I mean, click the ‘play’ button (the arrow in green) on the below…

As said your code should be working, we need to see the Codepen to help you.

^BTW, list-style is the shorthand property and works just fine.

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dang it, you’re absolutely right. My bad.