Unsure of CSS3's lesson on <style> tag

Hi all,

I was doing good with lessons. Finished HTML & HTML5 part. Started CSS3 then it hit the fan. Here’s what the lesson says:

At the top of your code, create a style block like this:


Here’s what the challenge says:

Delete your h2 element’s style attribute, and instead create a CSS style block. Add the necessary CSS to turn all h2 elements blue.

I did that and everything is in order per the above lesson and challenge. Here’s my code:

h2 {color: red;}

Everything is as the lesson states. I even got ambitious and did all the proper tags

(<!DOCTYPE html>
<head> <!-- metadata elements -->
<title><!-- Name of your webpage goes here --></title>
<body><!-- All your HTML5 code here -->

with the <style> tags in the <head> section. I even tried a different browser. Still got the same results. I tried the above way, wrapping the <h2> tag with the <style> tag, I tried putting after the <h2> tag. Nothing worked. When I click run test it doesn’t pass. Is the lesson broke? Am I missing something and/or doing something wrong?
Would appreciate some feedback.

You don’t want to add the html, head, body, etc tags. Just add the style tag that the challenge asked for.
Do you have any browser extensions or add-ons that change the appearance of websites (such as a “dark mode” extension)?

The only “browser” plugin is Adobe Acrobat for pdf files.

Geez what a dumb butt I am it says blue and I have red, friggin duh.