*** UPDATE *** Tribute 1st Project Feedback Requested Please

Hi Everyone,
Last time, I have updated this project. But I also just realized how to use the link with the TEST SUITE for the project. Will I get accurate credit for this project without it?
Thoughts ?
Thank you


Hi everyone, I have finally finished the first TRIBUTE PROJECT. I completed it all in Codepen.
Ran into a few issues as some of you are aware. Had problems with font sizes, centering, getting images to show up etc. But I think I finally got things to work OK. I would have rathered the ORDERED LIST not have numbers on it, just bullet points, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

FYI - This Tribute does NOT look like the link in the curriculum. I put a bit of a spin on it.

Your feedback is appreciated, THANK YOU in advance.


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Great work! I’m also in the process on my 1st tribute project. keep it up monique! :slight_smile:

Nice work! Have you checked out w3schools dot com for info on the HTML lists? I have used circle lists in other projects and the code they provide might help guide you in that direction.


Not sure if you already tried it or not but thought I would throw it out there.

Again, nice looking page!!!

To change the list items to bullets, change the ordered list(ol) to unordered list(ul)

Also the texts are a bit big, try reducing the font size.

Add a bit padding to the Unordered lists, they are quite close to the edge of the page. Change the font-family as well.

Great work. Keep it up dear…


Off to a great start! Here are a few points that should help it be even more readable.

  • Restrict the width of your body text, a common metric is about 100 characters per line. This will improve readability.
  • Increase the contrast between the text color and the background color, this will improve readability and accessibility.

Best of luck on your journey!

Thank you Carl, for the feedback and motivation, I appreciate it. Definitely CC me on your project. Would love to see yours as well. :slight_smile:

I have not check out W3Schools dot com but I will! :blush: Thank you for the recommendation !
I think that FCC provides so much up-front info that its almost impossible to know what to do perfectly the first time anyway. TY!

I am being intercepted and told to respond to ALL, so I will finish this way:
Thanks to everyone for your feedback, I am going to modify the page a bit and repost it shortly.

Cohors the w3schools dot com is WONDERFUL tool for lists of all types! Thank you for showing me the way :smile:

Belle2 Thank you for the ol / ul tip. I played with the font-size for TOO long and it either got way too small or way too big. When the right size sort of happened, the numbered rows also popped on. I spent too much time trying to make a perfect font-size, then decided I just wasn’t supposed to! Lol! I also justified the list. But perhaps once they are UL, it will work properly.

"bmutebi" TY for the feedback! :sunny:

"Geekosupremo" Perhaps that will work better than justify on a UL list? I will try both. I didn’t think black against light grey background was a bad contrast. But the CHECKER is a good tool. I will also take a look it. Thank You! :smile: In fact, that contrast checker is WONDERFUL! :sunny: :wink: TY again.


Question - I noticed in CODEPEN that they required CSS STYLE tags in the INDEX.html and also in the LAYOUT.css. It seems some CSS tags are active in BOTH areas, however the INDEX seems to be given priority over the LAYOUT tags. TRUE? If so, can I delete the LAYOUT tags without worry?

Here’s mine :slight_smile:


Survey form will be next :slight_smile:

Beautiful page Carl! :smile:
Also aware of BTC. But I didn’t get any. Did you get in?

Anyway, I realized after my tribute page was done, that the FORK in the TRIBUTE PAGE link is used to access the background editor in Codepen. FCC didn’t really describe that piece well.

Onward we go to Survey.

CodePen encourages the separation of the page structure into three panes, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Now this is really just a convenience, you could stow everything into the HTML pane with the correct tags and it would/will work.

For myself I tend to use all the panes independently, it suits the way I think and I can maximize the one I want to focus on while I’m working. Like almost anything on the web, the ‘right’ answer isn’t just one answer. Find the work flow that helps you and go with that.

I also like the 3 panes separated.