Ups and Downs and Start Again

Hello everyone,

I have made several attempts over the past few years to get into coding. I love the idea of web development and data analysis. After some struggles, I began the FCC curriculum as well as Codeacademy Pro, and here we are again.

I look forward to the journey—I think I know what to do this time. My goals are to work on beneficial open-source projects, create simple web-based or mobile games, build web sites for local non-profits and/or businesses, find a position as a front-end developer, and ultimately give back to the community by mentoring talent through outreach.

I look forward to contributing to the forums as we learn together. Thinking about creating a Twitter handle to document the journey, and a Github account in the near future.

No matter where we are, I think we’ll all get to where we need to be with consistency, community, and a sense of fun.

Happy journeys.


Hello, CAL90.

I know all about false starts and going off in unexpected directions. I started here back in 2016, then got distracted, tinkered around with Python and Linux, learned hardware networking, changed careers, and so on. Here I am again… :crazy_face:

My plan this time around is to just have some fun while I develop my coding skills. (My current obsession is drawing with CSS, which is of dubious utility, although I guess it does teach me some finer points about CSS rules!) I have this idea that I will eventually get more serious about coding as I learn more about the various languages and what my strengths and interests as a developer are.

I believe this is a critical element that I missed on my previous attempts to learn coding. When I went back to school to learn networking, the most successful students made an effort to make connections with their classmates and work together, solving problems and sharing what they knew to help others. The desire to be a contributer to that little community gave us the motivation to work harder to really understand what we were studying. With that in mind, I find myself checking in to the forums most days to see where I might help someone with a coding problem or offer a word of encouragement. :grinning:

All the best!

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Hi @CAL90 !

Welcome back to coding!

I think this a great plan! When you know why you are choosing to do something it makes easier to stay with it. :grinning:

Being active on the forum is really important. Even as a beginner, there are concepts that you feel comfortable with and you can help someone else who is struggling.
That is how I got started with the forum.

Documenting your journey and connecting with other developers is really important. It is another way to increase your visibility in the developer world.
You don’t have to post daily but maybe a few times a week.
You can also take part in the 100 days of code challenge.

I would suggest starting one now and slowly start to learn the command line.
There are plenty of great articles and videos where they will walk you through how to set up a your first repo.

Good luck with your journey.

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