Upskill myself to the current demand

I am working in C language for past 7 years in set top box ,I want to upskill myself with the current demanded technology ,If so what are new technologies/languages ,i need to learn .Please provide roadmap /self improvement advice to attain that.

It depends on what you want to do. C and C++ are still very relevant, so you might get the most benefit out of expanding you domain knowledge. If you enjoy C, you might also like Rust, but it is not widely adopted yet.

If you want to make a significant change in the type of work you’re doing, JavaScript is a very widely used language and there are a lot of approachable materials for teaching yourself.

freeCodeCamp is primarily focused on web development, so it’s a great resource for HTML, JavaScript, and APIs. If you’re interested in that, then I recommend doing the freeCodeCamp curriculum in order. Because you have a lot of programming experiences, there will be some parts that you go through very quickly but I still consider it a good resource for experienced developers learning a new skillset.

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