Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements #1

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Why doesn’t this work for the Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements section??

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h2 {
  color: blue;
<h2> Cat Photo App </h2>
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Challenge: Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements

Link to the challenge:

Hi, I checked the link to the challenge and they were using inline css in the code.

<h2 style = "color: red;"> Cat Photo App<h2/>

what you have above is css in a style tag  in order for the css to apply to your document you'd have to nest the style tag in a head tag like this.

h2 { 
             color: blue;

hope that helps

I just noticed it intialized all of the html I wrote

< head >
< style >
place code in here or apply style in the inline css
</ style>
</ head >

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Hi @Eugene.y.jang !

Welcome to the forum!

When asking for help on the forum please provide your FULL code and not parts of it.

It makes it easier for people to test your code and find any errors in your code if you provide the FULL code.

With the little bit you gave us, it works on my end.
Assuming you didn’t mess with any of the other html it might be an issue with an extension.

Please ensure that you have disabled any extensions that interface with the freeCodeCamp website (such as Dark Mode and Ad Blocker), and set your browser zoom level to 100%. Both of these factors can cause tests to fail erroneously.

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