Use the parseInt Function need help

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function convertToInteger(str) {
  var a = parseInt("JamesBond");


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I believe you can only parse numeric characters as an int

You need to use parseInt() on the string parameter of the function.

In this case, you can not parse a string like “JamesBond” to a number, this will just return a NaN which stands for (Not a Number).

Hopefully this helps.

You are to create a function that accepts a string representation of a number, uses parseInt to convert it to a number and then return that number.

For instance in the first test case you send “56” ( string with a 5 and a 6) and your function should return 56 (something that has a mathematical value).

So your function will need

  1. to use parseInt to make that string into a number
  2. a return statement to send that number back

Your problem seems to be more about understanding functions than understanding parseInt so I’ll include a similar example that does not totally spoil the answer to the challenge.

function convertToString(num) {
  var string = JSON.stringify(num);  // convert num to string
  return string;

console.log(56 + 100); // =156, number + number = number
console.log(numberToString(56) + 100); // =56100, string + number = string

My example is a function that accepts a number, uses JSON.stringify to convert it to a string and then returns that string. Opposite operation yet similar to the challenge as far as demonstrating how a function works.

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the thing is what you explained worked for converting 56 but its not working for 77 and Jame sBond i’snt it meant to work the same way.

if you need help, you need to also show your code. No extra effort for you if you use the Ask for Help button in the challenge, which will have your code already included and you just need to write your questions