Use the parseInt Function not passing

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I cant manage to get everything to pass, how do I nest them all in one?

convertToInteger should use the parseInt() function


convertToInteger("56") should return a number


convertToInteger("56") should return 56

convertToInteger("77") should return 77

convertToInteger("JamesBond") should return NaN

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function convertToInteger(str) {
  var a = parseInt("56");
  return a;


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Is there a reason why you’re passing a hard-coded “56” as argument in parseInt instead of the one given from the convertToInteger (i.e. str)?

I really don’t know why I was doing that but it passed once I changed it to str. Still confused but at least it past

You need to pass a variable as parameter so that whatever argument given when executing the function can be passed to the formula inside the function and be returned to where the function was initialized.

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