Using plain Javascript only for my quote generator - no jQuery. Thoughts?

I have a question for everyone. I’ve started to develop my Random Quote Generator using only plain Javascript. My rationale is that I want to build a solid foundation in plain Javascript before I start learning jQuery and other Javascript libraries. I want to learn the complex before I learn the simplified versions (libraries).

Is anyone else doing this? Am I wasting my time?

You should always try to get a solid foundation in a language before learning a framework or library.

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That’s a fine thing to do. In fact, much of what jQuery is used for these days is backwards compatibility, since the main things it’s useful for can be accomplished in plain javascript (VanillaJS lol) now, using commands like document.querySelectorAll, which might take longer to type but have the same functionality.

But I wouldn’t say its harmful to use libraries, either. Most of your production code will probably use at least one. They can help immensely with browser compatibility, which is a fat headache. And it’s not like you’re not writing actual javascript when using a library - they just give you some extra tools to work with within the language.

Note that for jQuery specifically, the next update of freeCodeCamp will apparently not use it so much. It is much less popular than it used to be.

Thank you, @Tattomoosa! That’s really helpful.

@asonder No you are not wasting your time. You need to know the fundamentals of Javascript. jQuery is very helpful when you get to that stage but understand what Javascript can do. When you do the algorithm challenges you will see.

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your a masocist, but hats off.

It is the supposed golden path if you like that kind of thing, but i don’t think its one I could walk just yet

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