Why start out coding jQuery instead of pure Javascript

Hi there!

so far congratulations for the course and the community!

I’ve just started the map and I’m currently on challenge 100 Front End Development Certification - jQuery implementation.
I have the following question: assuming that jQuery is a JavaScript library,
why the course does not start teaching pure JavaScript?
Why do I have to implement jQuery without knowing if this is completely necessary to the proper development?

My approach is: learn first JavaScript and code it.
Code a certain application in pure JavaScript. After that learn to code the same with jQuery, then you can compare, and eventually realize why this library exist.

Does it make sense? I hope that helps the community!

Sincerely, Eloi

I’ve given thought about this topic for awhile and so maybe I can chime in (this is my opinion of course):

Many experienced-programmers will tell you that learning vanilla JS is something that every JS should know and sometime jQuery takes away from those JS fundamentals, especially for those who are starting out JS. I agree.

At the same time however, jQuery makes the web-development experience more accessible to newcomers. I highly believe that as long as you have motivation, whether to learn to program, learn an instrument, or any skills, motivation is the key and jQuery helps maintain that for newcomers.

Of course, as you become more familiar with JS, I think that’s the time when you should break off (not completely) from jQuery but by then, I think you won’t be intimidated learning vanilla JS anymore.

This is my assumption, as well. Less code means less to keep track of in one’s mind, which makes it easier to focus on the point of the lessons.