Should I ditch jQuery and write pure JavaScript code?

I came across and an article on coderstool on the relevance of jQuery. That got me thinking!

As a junior front-end developer, thanks to FCC, I found it easy to understand and follow the jQuery challenges. That’s all good and well but my goal is to be hired at the intermediate level and to work with a team.
Should I ditch jQuery and go pure Javascript? Especially with the advancements and standardization on ES6; modern browsers support and JavaScript transpiler.

There are few code challenges that come to mind where I brought in the jQuery library for the AJAX $.get(). I should have just use the native XMLHttpRequest!

What are your thoughts on going pure JS especially for the basic commands and functions that are native in JS will this help me become a better programmer?

You mention that you have a junior developer job already, so it is really not my place as a student of programming to give you advice.

From a beginner perspective jQuery makes life easier, but I personally do everything I can to go pure JS. I do not like the abstraction level of jQuery when I do not have a solid grasp of JS fundamentals.

I think that abstractions should be used when you grasp the level below, up until the point of being impractical to do so.

Thanks for the advice. Laterly, I have been reading MDN, and see where many of the jQuery APIs that I usually use can easily be done in JavaScript.
I agree, although jQuery has many advantages, has opened my eyes to may possibilities and has served me well, it does shield me from getting a solid grasp of JS fundamentals. I hope that when I go down this road it will help with grasping the difficult topics such as closure, curring and promise.

Meh. Some people dislike jQuery for various reasons, and that’s fine. My attitude is that I could do it all wit JS if I had to, but I don’t have to so I’m going to use the tools available to me. How much value jQuery (or any other library, for that matter) offer depend on the nature of your project.