Vehicle Information API/Database?

I’m thinking of creating a project for my portfolio that’s basically an app to help users decide on the car that’s right for them.

I’m not quite sure yet how I’ll build the logic for arriving at that decision, but I know that I’ll need data on various car models (eg. fuel economy, cargo space, horsepower, etc).

I came across an API that the car info site Edmunds hosts, but it’s apparently not available for personal projects.

Is there a free API or database out there that I can use? My searches so far have come up empty.

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Thanks for the reply.

Kelly Blue Book’s API is the only one with the functionality I want. Unfortunately, I emailed them about getting an API key and they turned me down. They only grant keys for industrial uses, not personal ones.

At this point, I think I’ll just create a small database of my own for the purposes of this project. The project is primarily useful for helping me learn Redux and Routes, so the actual quality of the data isn’t as important.

What a strange coincidence–I am corresponding with Kelly about car info, too. My purpose is commercial, but I don’t have much money. I guess they’ll probably turn me down, too.

I noticed there are several other car APIs out there, but they seem to be aimed at card dealerships and might be $200+ a month.

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Ya, I did see some. Edmunds has one too, but only for commercial purposes and I believe they charge for it.

I really don’t need anything substantial. Just some info (horsepower, cargo sq ft, fuel economy, some photos, etc) that I can use to populate some inputs. Reviews would’ve been nice, but I’ll find a workaround.

Thanks again for looking. If you find anything else, please let me know.