Very close to giving up

I’ve been struggling more lately with JS and frontendmentor projects (started intermediate projects) and it feels hopeless.
I’ve restarted the same project now 3 or 4 times in 3 weeks, and I’ve gotten nowhere.
I feel that if I can’t get through this, then I’m done.

Years of hard work, both here at FCC (completed 4 modules) and frontendmentor (about 42 newbie and junior projects) , and several degrees, all for nothing.
Just great.

hello :slight_smile:

im no expert but if taking on comparatively “larger projects” is seemingly causing problems then practice only parts of it and then move on to “full projects”

getting started with programming fluency takes time, try to take break from coding when you get stuck and come back to it after a while (e.g. in hours or next day!!)

motivate yourself to push through hard times, good luck and happy coding :slight_smile:


Can you explain a little more about where you are getting stuck? Is there something in particular that is causing you problems? Are you literally getting nowhere and have nothing to show, or do you get up to some point and then can’t go any further?

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Are you struggling with an aspect that you don’t enjoy? Is there somewhere more immediately fun and interesting you can redirect your focus for now?

ie. front-end vs backend? data analysis? JS vs Python?

Sometimes it can help to look for the path of least resistance to get you going again. It sounds like you are hit a wall with frontend/JS, maybe pivot and do some Python, data structures + algorithms and see how that treats you.

Or if you have a particular passion project (finance, games, grocery store simulator) you could work on that.

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Here’s the project I’m struggling with. I’m guessing what I have so far is complete nonsense. I should have followed a GRUD tutorial first , instead I just jump right in.


just frontend. I’m guessing I’m not good enough (no where near) in using correct data structures & algorithms, and that’s why I’m struggling with this project.

It’s not about your good days, its about your bad days. How you face your bad days will shape “who are you”. It happens for all. Those who didnt gave up, surely will marched to the victory. If you do not give up, years of hard work will sustain, and on a good day, all odds will become even. That’s life. Its just about your consistency.


Thanks. I’m going to retake the JS course , which includes a tutorial for a todo list app, which seems similar in CRUD type nature . There’s a todo list app project as well on frontend mentor that I could tackle first. Just need to take a few steps back to be able to go forward again :slight_smile: