Video unable to play

I am unable to use your videos.
message “No video with supported format and MIME type found”
I am running Fedora 37

The link is in the “introduction to linux” there are several videos, none will play.
I downloaded Java but that did not help.

Hi. I should have said it is embedded in " freecodecamp introduction to linux"
Thank you for your reply! I haven’t got the source code to obtain the link. There are other problems, “startx” will not allow me to access as I obliviously don’t have permission. I think I need to contact the author?

Are you referring to this page?

Introduction to Linux

I’m running Fedora 36 and they are playing for me with both FF and Chrome. They are just embedded YouTube videos. Are you able to play other videos on YouTube?

If this isn’t the page you are referring to then you’ll need to give us a link to the page so we know what you are referring to.

Hi Bruce.
Thanks for your reply. I am getting this message
“no video with supported format and mime type found”
I wonder if I have a driver problem? I can view video’s on youtube.

You didn’t answer my first question. Is that the page you are referring to? Or are you talking about something else. And if so, then please give us a link to the page.

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